Frames, and acrylic photo blocks

We provide a range of eye catching professional frames, the perfect complement for any breathtaking photographic print

Acrylic frames
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Acrylic photo blocks
Wooden photo blocks
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Highimpact Acrylic Frames

Stylish minimalistic frames. lighter safer and more optically pure than glass, acrylic is the glazing choice of museums and fine art gallerys. Our frames feature 6.5mm thick acrylic providing superior UV and fade protection.

Black mattboard
White mattboard

See our Sizing, and Pricing Section for pricing details and information regarding frame sizes

Face mounted prints

Face mounting provides an added brilliance, sharpness, and a three dimensional quality that brings your image to life.

facemount facemount facemountfacemount

The face mounting process uses a premium optically clear adhesive to mount the front "face" of an image to the underside of an acrylic sheet.
This air tight bond creates an environment that ensures the longevity of your print by protecting against moisture, scratches, dust and dirt and UV fading.

All our face mounted frames come with a set of easy to use removable wall hangers. These allow the frame to float out from the wall.

Vist the create your own section to have your own amazing artwork face mounted

Acrylic photo blocks

Photos face mounted onto 20mm thick translucent Acrylic blocks. These blocks are great to hang on the wall, have on your desk, fire place, bookshelf, or virtually any surface where you can admire the viewing spectacle these blocks create.

Photo blocks are available in a range of sizes to suit any photo: Standard 6"x4", Square 90x90mm, Panoramic: 210x90mm, 8"x4"(slightly taller), and super panoramic 250x90mm.
Every photo is unique, and will fit one size best.

4"x6" has the same dimensions as a standard print size, a great fit for pictures straight from your camera with little or no cropping.

Square 90x90mm blocks are the perfect aspect ratio for symmetrical images, very similar to profile images. Fantastic for flowers, pets, head-shots, and macro photography.

Panoramic 210x90mm, 8"x4", and super panoramic 250x90mm blocks look stunning with landscape photos, panoramic stitched images, long beaches, bridges, and all your wide angle snaps.

panoramic Acrylic
210x90mm Panoramic
Acrylic Block
90x90mm Square
closeup Acrylic
Closer look

Create a amazing acrylic photo block from your own photo. Vist the Create your own section to create unique personalised pieces of art.

Our gallery photographs are also available as acrylic photo blocks, and can be viewed in our online gallery.

Wooden photo blocks

Wooden photo blocks. Much like the suit at a white tie event, our wooden photo blocks in white or black trim never go out of style, and present every photo as smart and sharp as ever.

We provide wooden photo blocks in a full range of shapes and sizes, mainly:

Square 90x90mm
Standard photo 4"x6"
Enlargement 5"x7"
Enlargement 8"x10"

Triptych set 3x 90mm Squares
Tri-split Panoramic 3x 90mm squares

Wooden photo blocks look great displayed on any surface, or hung on the wall. They provide a light weight and travel safe gift or souvenir to take or send overseas.


Print and print packages

Unlock the true potential from within your digital pictures! The average computer monitor can only display ~70% of the colour(ntsc) spectrum.
We print with archival pigments ink on thick quality media, producing prints that showcase your photos true colours.

We provide a range of print sizes and print package deals to transform your digital images

create an eye catching display with your favorite images. Vist the Create your own print package section to Have your images printed *LARGE*

print package

Matted Prints

A Mat board is a good compliment for a great print. Having a mat board adds a separating boarder between your photograph and its surrounds, this focuses attention toward your print with added visual impact.
Mat boards also provide an important gap between print and glass, without which condensation and mold problems can arise

Mat boards can be selected for all our prints via drop down box on our online gallery.

Matt board Matt board

See our Sizing, and Pricing Section for more information

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